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Goliath was born on the 11th aug 2011.

SABT number is 2011003643047.

He was appraised at 88.6% at the age of 1 year.

Sex Male.

The lord of the manor, proud and highly active.

Stunning temperament.

Friendly Personality.

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Twiggy was born on the 19th Nov 2007..

SABT number is 2007003643019.

She was appraised at 88.2% at the age of 4 years.

Sex Female.

Personality Lots of confidence.

Friendly temperament.

Loves family walks and the protector of the pack.

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Thandi was born on the 10th June 2008.

SABT number is 2008003643012.

She was appraised at 87.6% at the age of 1.2 years.

Sex Female.

Personality Great.

Best ever temperament.

Fiesty Red Head but great personality

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Buffel was born on the 4th feb 2011.

SABT number is 2011012708016.

He was appraised at 85.9% at the age of 1.4 years.

Sex Male.

Personality The pleaser of the bunch, fun and energetic.

Good temperament.

Lot's of attitude and loves to play.

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Shiela was born on the 23th Nov 2007.

SABT number is 2007103119012.

She was appraised at 90.5% at the age of 1.6 years.

Sex Female.

Personality Dominant but very friendly.

Loving temperament.

Loves all animals and kids.

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Jikita was born on the 11th feb 2011.

SABT number is 20110036443001.

She was appraised at 86.3% at the age of 1.3 years.

Sex Female.

Personality Kindhearted

Spunking Temperament.

family love

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